PAF CPR Health Equity Funds: An Overview

Our Health Equity Funds were developed to get assistance to those people and places who need it the most.  We know that a fundamental problem is that not everyone, everywhere has access to the same things in the same way. Where a patient lives plays a major role in determining where and how they receive care and support. Thus, PAF relies on strategic resource allocation to direct assistance to specific populations and places experiencing intense social and financial needs in a system with unequal access to safety net services and resources.

PAF developed a methodology using the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and CDC Disease Incidence data, that identified 220 counties across 31 states with the highest rates of social vulnerability and high rates of multiple chronic diseases.  The Health Equity Funds provide needed financial support to eligible patients living in the counties covered by the funds, which is verified using the zip code of the patient’s home address. All other eligibility requirements, and fund operations, are the same as our general funds.


Use our zip code look up tool to determine if your zip code is eligible under our Health Equity Disease Funds